We all deserve second chances.

Holy Smokes! We receive donations of pencils, pens, markers, erasers, crayons and more on a regular basis throughout the year!
We think these supplies would be better off in the hands of kids for writing, drawing, coloring and expressing ideas and inspirations.
Through our Second Life School Supply Pilot Program we hope to make that happen.

Kids can reuse many of the things they already have to bring their creative genius to life.

Be A Story Teller

We have lots of rubber stamps to share with campuses, many that have come from other campuses themselves.

We think rubber stamps are amazing. They’re images are a goldmine for story telling prompt possibilities. Imagine the antics any stamped character could get up to!

A bit of stamping and a few words. What would stiry would you have these stamp images explore?

Reaping cardboard material

We collected a few boxes from Brookside Elementray’s hot lunch program. We partner with them for campus reuse and art at lunch so we cut up the boxes and returned 57 pieces of usable cardboard material to create with! Yay!