Think of Us.

Do you know a teacher who’s retiring? Often as teachers clear out their classrooms they have lots to go through and can be left wondering, what am I going to do with all of this?

After a robust career teaching at sometimes more than one grade level, they have lots of treasures. They have project materials, craft supplies, games and puzzles and other cool campus items that are a great fit for our reuse program.

Think of us, this is where C.O.Y.C. comes in.
Donating those materials to our non-profit means more materials to share with our school campus community and are eligible as a tax write off too- that’s a win/win for all! Contact us to arrange a collection appt..

We all deserve second chances.

Holy Smokes! We receive donations of pencils, pens, markers, erasers, crayons and more on a regular basis throughout the year!
We think these supplies would be better off in the hands of kids for writing, drawing, coloring and expressing ideas and inspirations.
Through our Second Life School Supply Pilot Program we hope to make that happen.

Kids can reuse many of the things they already have to bring their creative genius to life.