Take a look around and think outside the box while unpacking school supply deliveries or sorting junk mail. Materials that pass through a school campus on any given day are great candidates for re-use in artistic and curriculum-based ways through free style creating or class projects. Here you’ll find examples of items found on campuses that can connect  students to creative opportunities and eco-minded resourcefulness. Need an idea? Check out our Project Page for ideas and tips to explore.

And the list goes on…

Binder Clips
Book Pages from Broken/Torn Books
Broken Brushes
Bubble Wrap
Cardboard Boxes and Pieces
Coffee Filters
Coffee Sleeves
Colored Pencils
Construction Paper
Dried Ink Cartridges
Dried Leaves
Empty Tape Rolls – plastic or cardboard
Envelopes – opened with metered mail stamp or postage
Game Pieces – from incomplete games
Greeting Cards – new and used Junk Mail
Kleenex Boxes
Lanyard String
Lined Binder Paper
Markers – for parts from dried-out pens or markers
Napkins – new
Packaging Ties & Straps – twist, wire, or plastic
Paper Clips
Paper Cups
Paper Napkins
Paper or Plastic Grocery Bags
Paper Plates
Paper Towel Rolls
Pens – for parts from dried out pens
Pencils – too short, broken, or unwanted
Plain Paper or Misprinted Copy Room Paper
Plastic Cups Plastic Cutlery – new or pre-washed
Plastic Water Bottles – pre-washed
Popsicle Sticks
Puzzle pieces – from incomplete puzzles
Rubber Bands
Scholastic News
Seasonal Room Decorations
Shredded Documents or Paper
Large and Small boxes – from quantity office supply orders
Stir Sticks – new
Straws – new
String Tape – clear and masking
Tape Dispensers – disposable
Twigs and Branches
Utensils – mismatched from your staff lounge

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