Be a thinker.

The good news about reusing everyday things in open-ended art is the natural connection that occurs between the student creating and their imagination.  Logan had a idea before he had his hands on materials to use so once he did have time with some raw, recycled materials he was on his way to developing the big idea he’d been thinking about for weeks. Cardboard, paper, tape and string brought it to structural life. Once he had all the pieces together

Back in the swing.

We’re excited to be back in the swing of reuse as we get our partnering campuses set up to put recycling into action. Reusing campus materials for artistic outlets fosters  creative exploration.
It is so exciting to see what kids create with just a few basic items like cardboard, paper and some tape.  We know that exercising their creative muscles helps kids develop their thoughts and ideas through trouble shooting, problem solving and critical thinking. 
We found a piece that says just what we know about the importance of creative opportunities in art.  The Head of Art at Walden School in the UK, Serena O’Connor , brings this core value home in her article. “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”. We’re on the right track to connecting kids to their big ideas with the simple materials already around them on campuses, prime for imagining and creating. Stay tuned. There is more to come. 


Ah, the school project science standard, the Volcano! Our modern twist is using shredded documents vs. newspaper to get the built up mass. Mixing the shred and glue is a gooey highlight. *By the way, though this volcano was made at Create STUDIO, It is an awesome in-class project with All campus only materials to make the mountain! Substitute the bottle for double rolled construction paper to make a tube and crumpled construction paper to make the rocks! Use a plastic lunch or science tray to catch the baking soda mixture once made.