Creating On Campuses

We are bringing creativity to school campuses in the Conejo Valley this fall. You are likely discovering as you visit our wwebsite that we bring creativity to school campuses through the reuse of campus cast-offs. Think along the zero waste lines for art and curriculum use! Our insspiration and base structure, CReATE STUDIO has 10 […]

Try This!

Got old school banners? They make a unique reuse material and can be easily cut into just about any shape to be just the right fit for a project. Our idea? Cut them into tiny bits and use them to make mosaic art! All you need is the vinyl banner bits, some paper and glue! […]

Eco fun in our community

We’re having fun this weekend hosting booths at Acacia, EARTHS and MATES Elementary schools. We’re providing free eco art fun by turning unwanted bottles into wacky halloween lanterns and making recy led flower headbands in the name of creative expression and the environment. Wacky fact: these bottles were purchased by a company for their lids […]