Fun and Games

This tear sheet from a vintage -ish @familyfunmag has triple appeal for us. 1.We love the suggested idea of creative family games- cut slits in cards to make your own house of cards game.  2. This idea naturally converts to a “creating at home” idea for us! Grab an old deck of cards from around the house that is OK to alter and snip double slits around all four sides of each card  about 1/2 inch deel then, interlock cards as you wish.  3. Surely there are decks of cards floating around school campuses and that’s where our non-profit, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS comes in, to bring recycling habits  for reuse it in new ways  like taking old playing cards like this and making up something new for collaborative building in classrooms. A super fun learning tool that doesn’t cost a thing.


This is what we love and what we aim in our non-profits mission, to facilitate opportunities for re-use materials to help students bring their big ideas to life in super resourceful ways.

Reuse it!

We think most everything lad a few reuses in them before their end. There are even two types of reuse possibilities we see at CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS. There are items like these that can be used in their first use run , just a time or two more as markers, pencils, crayons and watercolors before they move into reuse in their second way as materials for use in creative new ways. We’like to see then used until they dry up, get too small or or just stop working anymore. We think this builds good habits in students, encouraging them to be thoughtful with what they have before thinking they always need something new. This quote from an unknown author says it best, “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have.”