Paper Made

Ta Da! This packing paper found on campuses can become basket weaving and a great converstation lead to native cultures who used the natural things around them to make tools and necessities.

Make a cardboard canvas

This month we have a Spotlight on cardboard, a widely used and recycled material and one that can be found on campuses weekly. How about reusing cardboard as mini canvases for students to paint in any way they choose. We used water color here. It’s fun to use, easy to clean up and gives the painter endless possibilities for a little self expression. Try it!


Ah, the school project science standard, the Volcano! Our modern twist is using shredded documents vs. newspaper to get the built up mass. Mixing the shred and glue is a gooey highlight. *By the way, though this volcano was made at Create STUDIO, It is an awesome in-class project with All campus only materials to make the mountain! Substitute the bottle for double rolled construction paper to make a tube and crumpled construction paper to make the rocks! Use a plastic lunch or science tray to catch the baking soda mixture once made.