Trish Kellogg

V.P. Environmental Concerns

Trish grew up in Southern California, one of six children (5 girls), going to the beach and listening to Vin Sculley broadcast LA Dodger games.  She attended local schools and graduated from UCLA with a degree in Kinesiology and a teaching credential.  She is married and has two adult children and two amazing grandchildren. 

As an elementary school teacher, her favorite activity was the mentoring of her school service club.  Her goal was to teach students to give back to their family, their school, their community and the environment.  Club activities included participating in Coastal Clean-up days, Operation Gratitude for active service members, peer tutoring and school recycling projects. 

Although she retired ten years ago, she has maintained her interest in education and community service by tutoring and volunteering at a local elementary school.   

“Serving on the C.Y.O.C. board checks several boxes for me:  My interest in education, my participation in community service and my commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment.”
-Trish Kellogg