Roanna Battocchio

V.P. Outreach

Roanna Battocchio is proud to be a Board Member for CReATE On Your Campus, as fostering creativity in children and educating others to become stewards of our planet are two of her passions.  Another passion is helping others, so she also sits as a Board Member for two additional local organizations: Shelter Care Resources and the Simi Valley Festival of Trees.  

Roanna is a homeschooling mom who has found that thinking outside the box is what works best for her son.  She truly enjoys watching him observe the world and find ways to use his creative gift, often repurposing found materials that come into the home. 

Prior to starting the homeschooling journey with her son 8 years ago, Roanna was working in senior living, first as an Activity Director in an Assisted Living community, then as a Sales Associate in an Independent Living start-up, and finally as a Life Enrichment Manager for senior residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease in a Memory Care unit.

In her spare time, Roanna can be found advocating for those in need, crafting, reading, dancing, playing the piano, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family and friends.