Trash Art

Art is subjective. Trash is often the first word that comes to mind for kids and adults who see our campus material for the first time. After all, we’ve spend four decades since I was a kid reminding people to “throw it away” rather than litter when they are out in public.Recycling is an all […]

Reaping cardboard material

We collected a few boxes from Brookside Elementray’s hot lunch program. We partner with them for campus reuse and art at lunch so we cut up the boxes and returned 57 pieces of usable cardboard material to create with! Yay!

Back in the swing.

We’re excited to be back in the swing of reuse as we get our partnering campuses set up to put recycling into action. Reusing campus materials for artistic outlets fosters¬† creative exploration. It is so exciting to see what kids create with just a few basic items like cardboard, paper and some tape.¬† We know […]